Sara Neogard Blakeney

  Sara is a professional dog trainer and behavorist originally from Gotland in Sweden. She moved to Ireland in early 2009 having grown up in a sheep farmer's background. Horses and dogs has always been a big part of her life.  

 After a successful number of years in the financial business in Stockholm, she entered the professional dog world. A Dog Analyst diploma and one year of dog ethology study  led her to specializing in narcotics and explosives sniffer dogs. Sara has also been involved with specialist tracking dogs. She was one of the senior lecturers in the most successful training establishments at that time in Sweden. The Norwegian Army also benefited from her expertise.She now successfully competes with Labradors. 

Norman Blakeney

  Needs no introduction in the competitive spaniel world. His list of achievements goes back to 1990 when he  made up his first Field Trial Champion. In 1998 he was the first person from the Republic to win the British Championship when FTCh Philips Girl won at Ampton Estate Great Livermere. She came second in 1999. In 2006 he won the Irish Championship with a grandson of Philips Girl,  FtChHattonswood Broc .

  2008 saw a third Championship win this time with FTCh Gardenrath Larch. The I.K.C. A.V. Spaniel Championship held in Annsgrove Estate, Mallow, Co.Cork was the venue and Tilly became the fourth generation of Championship winners. She is a daughter of Int FtCh Hattonswood Broc.

   Norman, who comes from a farming background, grew up around dogs, having terriers from when he was 5.  He got his first Spaniel at 15 and his first field trial dog 10 years later. Dogs are a huge part of Norman's life.

Champions that have lived with us are:

       FTCh Cefndu Muffin

Int FTCh Philips Girl

      FTCh Merlinsbrook Evita

Int FTCh Hattonswood Broc

Int FTCh Gardenrath Larch

       FtCh Colcourt Firecrest